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"You let you take advantage of the cheap Korean Won (and use hidden city ticketing) to get low fares, but now we had enough and YOU GONNA PAY!!! Our accounting department says you $1.8 million but I tell them to knock it down to $1.2 million. I told you I would do almost anything for you. I'm saving you a bundle. Thank me later. So, when you send check for rest. YOU GONNA PAY!!!!" A travel scam that gets too little attention is when airlines pursue agents for tickets they claim are under paid. Fare difference are usually based on what carriers dream most travelers will pay but rarely do. You may remember the ‘A Word on Fares’ back in the Connie Chung section. In 1993, we made it clear that a seat’s value is only known once sold. For years, carriers have claimed unsold seats are worth prices that very few travelers actually pay. An airline seat, like anything, is only worth what someone pays for it