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I WAS FINALLY APPROVED, BUT "WELCOME TO THE CLUB" WAS REALLY "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE" IN DISGUISE. I WAS A FRONT FOR THE OWNERS TO SIPHON OUT AS MANY CHEAP FIRST CLASS OWNER TICKETS AS POSSIBLE. When airlines need to overcome revenue shortfalls, they create falsified bills called debit memos to pick up the slack. For example, an agent who inadvertently leaves off a code on a $500 ticket could receive a bill for $2,500 or more. Even though clerical mistakes don’t create a loss of revenue, carriers still use it as an opportunity to extort cash from agents. It’s be happening for 40 years and I understand it still happens today. The airline has leverage over the agent, demanding they pay the debit memo or be prohibited from selling tickets. Surprisingly, agents still fall for “the debit memo” trap laid by airlines even though there’s very little value in being a ticket agent in the 21st century.